A large house party in Los Angeles turned into a frightening ordeal when gunfire erupted during the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Although large parties in private homes have been banned amid the coronavirus pandemic, cops found about 200 people on the premises when they pulled up at the home on Mulholland Drive at around 7 p.m. on Monday in the wealthy hillside neighborhood of Beverly Crest.

CBSLA reported that upon their arrival they discovered two women and a man wounded in the driveway of the mansion. Los Angeles police Lieutenant Chris Ramirez stated that one of the women, who is believed to be about 35 years old, was pronounced dead at a hospital. However, the two other victims are reportedly in stable condition.

“When the officers arrived, they did notice large amounts of people on the roadway and vehicles kind of blocking, double-parked and stuff, stacked on the roadway,” Ramirez said. 

“At that point, the officers met with the responsible party and security officers at that location. They were able to get their compliance, to help get the people back into the private party, and at the same time, did some enforcement.”

Kennie D. Leggett, a man who claimed he was working security for the party, told CBSLA that an athlete, who was drafted by an NFL team, hosted the party on the rental property to celebrate the big news.

Although officers impounded and cited some of the vehicles on the scene, they could not enter the premises to shut down the party without a warrant.

Officials are uncertain what sparked the gunfire, but it is being treated as a “gang-related” matter. No arrests have been made following the incident.

lapd Claremont police officers are the first to respond to a drill with the Los Angeles County Fire Department and Sheriff's Department, to conduct a training exercise at Scripps College in preparation for a school shooting in Claremont, California, Jan. 16, 2013. Photo: Reuters/Alex Gallardo