Hallmark Channel’s “Summer Nights” programming event is set to continue bringing some romance to the end of viewers’ summers, with the premiere of their newest film, “Love on Harbor Island,” starring Morgan Kohan and Marcus Rosner.

Fans of Hallmark channel will certainly recognize Rosner, who has had several roles on the channel in the last few years. Not only might he be recognizable from his roles as Charles Kensington in “When Calls the Heart” and Marco DeLuca from “Autumn in the Vineyard,” “Summer in the Vineyard” and “Valentine in the Vineyard,” but he has also been a major part of the channel’s romance movie lineup. Some of those films include “A Christmas Detour,” “Appetite for Love,” “Summer of Dreams,” “The Birthday Wish,” “A Harvest Wedding,” “Christmas in Evergreen” and “Yes, I Do.” He has also held notable roles in a slew of Lifetime films as well.

As for Kohan, “When Hope Calls” fans will recognize her for her role as Lillian Walsh on Hallmark, but she could be a face that is noteworthy from her role in the Lifetime movie “Black Widow Killer” as well.

So what will happen in this new summer romance? Let’s find out.

“Rising Seattle interior designer Lily Summers (Kohan) is a small-town girl at heart. Working for a corporate condo company, Lily is on the verge of her dream promotion to be Senior Interior Designer by her 30th birthday. When her boyfriend Bradford (Jeff Gonek), who manages the company, takes Lily to dinner offering her ‘the proposal of her dreams,’ she thinks it’s the promotion she’s wanted until he gets down on one knee” a synopsis for the film reads. “Interrupting the moment, Lily gets a call from back home about her Aunt Maggie (Brenda Matthews) have a bad fall. Lily jumps on the first flight home and promises Bradford a ‘redo’ when she gets back to the city.”

Upon her arrival back on Harbor Island, Lily has an awkward encounter with seaplane pilot, Marcus (Rosner), before heading to her aunt’s inn, where she discovers the picturesque home she remembers is in less-pristine condition. As she learns her aunt plans to sell since she can no longer keep up with the property, Marcus returns and reveals he lives at the property as well, while getting his rescue dog program off the ground.

Determined to help her aunt, Lily decides to stay and help fix up the property and stage it, which will help her aunt not only make good money off of the sale but ensure it ends up in the right hands. Tapping her best friend, Christie (Emma Cam) and Marcus, the work begins-but it quickly becomes obvious that a spark has been lit between Lily and Marcus, and things only grow stronger as they start spending more time together.

“Marcus asks Lily to join him as he transports another rescue dog to its forever home and, after an enchanting flight to Anderson Island, Lily shares that her Aunt Maggie raised her after losing her parents as a young girl,” the synopsis reads. “The memories were too painful and are the reason for her wanting to leave but she admits she’s been flooded with good memories since she’s returned.”

However, as she finally confides in Marcus, her life in the city continues to call to her as well—and Lily will have to decide once and for all if her heart is in her job and her relationship with Bradford, or if home is really where she belongs.

“Love on Harbor Island” premieres Saturday, August 8 at 9 p.m. EDT on Hallmark Channel.

Love on Harbor Island
Morgan Kohan and Marcus Rosner star in “Love on Harbor Island.” Crown Media LLC/ Courtesy Reel One Entertainment