Love and Hip Hop Atlanta
"Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta" Season 3 will air on VH1 Monday, May 5. VH1

“Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” will return to television on Monday night and most fans couldn’t be more thrilled to see what Season 3 has in store. VH1 played a marathon of the show Sunday night to get people reacquainted with some of their favorite reality stars, but not everyone had time to catch up.

Below is a brief synopsis of the story lines that will play out in Season 3, and what viewers need to know.

Mimi Faust and her sex tape:

The mother of Stevie J’s young daughter, Eva, made a sex tape with her boyfriend Nikko Smith. Though the couple claims it leaked, some surmised Vivid Entertainment filmed a choreographed porno since they ultimately let the adult entertainment company release the film. It’s unclear why Faust thought filming her intimate relationship with her lover would be a good idea, especially since her ex threatened to take away their daughter in the teaser for the new season.

Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez:

The couple has reportedly tied the knot but legal documents to legitimize the nuptials have never been seen.

Wakka Flocka Flame and fianceé Tammy Rivera:

The rapper and his wife-to-be were replaced Tracey Steel and Baby Drew. Wakka Flocka and Rivera are planning their wedding, which will probably take place amid some type of drama. Other than being girlfriend of a rapper, Rivera is known for her Instagram photos and is an aspiring fashion designer.

Karlie Redd and Yung Joc:

One of the biggest questions (and jokes) is Redd’s actual age -- she refuses to come clean about it. But this season, viewers will see her new relationship with Yung Joc since she’s moved on from Benzino. And it doesn’t seem to be going well. In the trailer for the new season, she accuses Yung Joc of “smelling like fish.”

Rasheeda and Kirk Frost:

Last season, viewers saw Rasheeda and Kirk Frost’s marriage begin to fall apart. They had rekindled just enough, however, for Rasheeda to discover that she was pregnant. In Season 3, Kirk isn’t sure that the child is his and wants a paternity test.


Now that Benzino wasn’t involved in any drama with Karlie Redd, it would seem like he wouldn’t have much of a presence on the show. That was, however, until he was shot at his mother’s funeral and VH 1’s cameras were there to accompany him to the hospital. Past that, Benzino has been dating singer Thi Thi and the two are rumored to be engaged.

Lil Scrappy:

Lil Scrappy has moved past his tumultuous relationship with longtime on-again, off-again girlfriend Erica Dixon. The rapper has been with former “Basketball Wives LA” star Adi “Bambi” Benson, who will apparently accompany him on the show this season. It was rumored that he got Bambi and former girlfriend Shay Johnson pregnant, but Bambi reportedly lost the baby and Johnson’s pregnancy was just a rumor.

“LHHATL” will air on VH1 Monday at 8 p.m. EST.

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