Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta
The cast is confronted with mistakes from their past on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” Season 7, episode 4. VH1

The “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” Season 7 cast has been attempting to leave their troubles in the past. However on episode 4, “Do It For the Finesse,” the stars will have to confront the people and situations that have been preventing them from truly moving forward.

“Kirk and Jasmine come face to face for the first time in a year,” the synopsis for the VH1 series teases. In the promo that aired following the Monday night episode of “LHHATL,” Jasmine confronts Kirk about missing the first year of his son’s life. However, Kirk explains the situation has been awkward because their son was conceived during an affair.

Later on, Kirk meets up with Rasheeda and tells her about his chat with Jasmine. His wife then explains that there need to be boundaries between them now that their children have a new sibling.

“Samantha pushes Tommie to make up with her sister Versace,” the synopsis for “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” Season 7 episode 4 says. Samantha wants to bring her family together but for that to happen, Tommie and Versace have to get over the past.

This season, Tommie revealed she and her sister no longer speak to each other after Versace had her arrested. During their argument, Tommie showed up to Versace’s job to fight her and she was later arrested.

The sisters have been at odds ever since, and it doesn’t look like things will cool down between them anytime soon. In the promo for the VH1 series, Samantha asks Tommie if she would be willing to sit down and talk to her sister.

Tommie reveals that she would need to receive an apology before she can think about moving forward.

Samantha manages to get the sisters in the same room but things don’t appear to go smoothly as security is seen escorting Versace out of the venue while Tommie hurls insults at her sister.

“Karlie finds herself in a new role as caretaker for her sick father,” the synopsis for “Do It For the Finesse” states.

Although Karlie is typically all about being up to date with the latest drama, this time around, the gossip queen has her own problems to deal with. In the promo, Karlie reveals her father has cancer and she has to take care of him.

Karlie admits she was caught off guard by the news and is attempting to do her best to care for her father.

“Shooter leans on friends,” the synopsis teases. In the previous episode, Shooter was forced to bury one of his sons after losing him to gun violence.

Even though he and Sierra are no longer together, she made sure she was by his side during the funeral and gave him all the support he needed.

It appears Shooter will attempt to deal with his grief but will Sierra be one of the friends he turns to in his time of need?

“Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” Season 7 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on VH1.