Milan Christopher Hazel E fight
Milan Christopher reportedly got a restraining order against his ex-boyfriend Miles Brock (who is not pictured) after Miles allegedly attacked him at a party. Above, Milan appears at Chaz Dean's Summer Party in Los Angeles Aug. 2, 2014. Getty Images

Milan Christopher appears to be having a pretty rough week. The “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” star was allegedly attacked over the weekend by his ex-boyfriend and co-star Miles Brock, and he’s now bickering over social media with Hazel-E.

Milan and Hazel, who are friends on the VH1 reality-televsion series, had a war of words on Twitter Wednesday, as they questioned each other’s loyalty. It seems the exchange began when Milan responded to a fan, saying he and Hazel weren’t friends anymore.

Hazel, who quit the show, fired back, tweeting to one of her fans that she and Milan fell out because he was supposedly friends with Jason Lee, Hazel’s enemy.

“He think that he can be cool w/my enemies & take pics with the guy he screamed all season he was gonna beat up,” Hazel wrote. “And he mad cuz I’m cool with Miles ... once again a n---- should be thanking me for a job instead of coming at my cray.”

She added: “He should keep it cute & learn how to stfu ... Instead he is queening out of control ... God bless him & good luck.”

Hazel then started posting screenshots of text messages between her and Milan, in which he called her "fake" and a "b---."

“Loyalty is a two street ... At this point in my life ... I’m only loyal to those who are loyal to me,” Hazel wrote.

Even though the two co-stars are bickering on social media, Milan did eventually tweet an apology to Hazel.

Besides attempting to patch things up with Hazel, Milan is still angry at Miles for allegedly attacking him at a Halloween party. According to fans, Milan posted a Snapchat bit Wednesday bashing his ex, and TMZ reported earlier in the day that the model got a restraining order against the rapper.

In court documents, Milan claimed Miles hit him so hard he suffered from a “swollen face [and] black eye.” Miles has to keep at least 100 yards away from his co-star. Milan also ranted about the incident, tweeting that “#DomesticViolence is wrong no matter if your gay, straight, black or white.”