"Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" is back for another week of catfights, drink tossing and drama. Monday's episode centered on Nia Riley and Nas bickering about rapper Soulja Boy.

In last week's episode, Nia confronted Nas about rumors the personal trainer was sleeping with the "Crank Dat" rapper. Their drama continued on episode 3 when Nas pops up at the rapper's house while he's filming a music video to ask him about his relationship status with Nia.

Soulja Boy admits he's been sleeping with Nas, and gets mad at her for talking about their secret rendezvous' in public.

Later, Nia meets up with Apryl Jones and another friend and tells them she trusts Soulja Boy and doesn't think he's cheating. Nia, however, decides to confront Nas once again about Soulja Boy and the two ladies almost end up getting into a fight.

Another "Love & Hip" couple going through a few issues is Miles and Milan. Milan is ready for his rapper boyfriend to publicly come out as gay, but Miles isn't ready. Because of Miles' hesitation with going public with the romance, Milan questions whether the rapper is cheating. Milan doesn't yet know Miles has been hanging out with ex-girlfriend Amber, who is still in love with him.

During episode 3, fans are also introduced to new cast member Brandi Boyd, a rapper and the goddaughter of the late Whitney Houston. Ray J meets up with her to talk about his girlfriend Princess Love becoming friends with his ex, Teairra Mari.

In another scene, Brandi meets up with Nikki Mudarris and confides in her that Brandi thinks her husband Max Boyd is cheating because he leaves his wedding ring home whenever he goes to the recording studio. The two ladies plot to spy on Max and catch him partying with a bunch of women during his studio session. Brandi loses it and tries to fight a woman who had her arm around Max.