Amina Buddafly pregnancy update
Amina Buddafly gave an update on her second pregnancy, revealing she’s now six months along. Pictured: Amina at the Billboard Grammys afterparty in Hollywood, Jan. 26, 2014. Getty Images

Amina Buddafly is more than halfway through her pregnancy. The “Love & Hip Hop: New York” star gave fans a little update revealing that she’s now six months along (and 20 pounds heavier).

Posting a photo of her wearing a onesie and holding her baby bump, Amina wrote, “#6months and I finally feel better as #babyBX is growing. (I’ve already gained almost 20lbs lol)… Pregnancy is definitely not my thing, but it will all be worth it in the end!”

On Saturday, Amina shared another update telling fans that her baby girl, who will be named Bronx, is due in July, the same month her and husband Peter Gunz’s first daughter Cori Gunz was born.

Last week, the former Black Buddafly singer opened up about her pregnancy, telling VH1 that Peter chose the name Bronx for their daughter. “He suggested about seven names because he’s good with name ideas. At first I looked at all seven names and I didn’t really like none of them, and Bronx especially, I was like, never, but then after a while I totally turned around and that was my favorite out of the names,” she said. “We don’t have a middle name yet, but it’s Bronx and it’s a girl.”

Amina also revealed to the outlet that she left New York and moved to Los Angeles with Cori because she wanted to get away from Peter and his ex-girlfriend Tara Wallace, who recently gave birth to her third child with Peter.

“Peter and I are not together,” Amina said. “I’m in L.A. and he’s in New York and we don’t live together and we’re not in a relationship, but are we done for good? Only time will tell.”

She continued, “I love him and he loves me and I have said over and over again, even at the reunion that he’s the only one I love so if he was to give me what I need, I would do anything for him and I still stand by that, and I would probably still move back.”

In an interview with Hip Hollywood, Amina admitted that she knows it’s time she moves on from Peter and the love triangle drama but said “it’s a process” and she’s “still in transition.”