Cardi B Tara Wallace
"Love & Hip Hop: New York" star Cardi B says she's disappointed in co-star Tara Wallace over Peter Gunz drama. VH1

Cardi B wants to know why her "Love & Hip Hop: New York" co-stars Tara Wallace and Amina Buddafly can't seem to leave Peter Gunz alone. The two ladies are currently in an awkward love triangle with the rapper, and have got into nasty arguments on the show over him.

"I love Tara, but damn girl you really disappoint me," the outspoken model-rapper told Us Weekly. “Maybe you know, she’s getting older and she wants to have a kid. I actually want to know why.”

She continued, jokingly telling the outlet, “One of my friends has to have sex with Peter Gunz. We need to know about that d--- game. I cannot believe that this guy [has] women fighting over him.”

Cardi previously opened up about the situation with Tara, Peter and Amina, telling VH1 that the whole thing was "crazy."

"I would expect that from girls around my age,” the 23-year-old said. “You know we young and dumb and full of s---. But, like, y’all is some grown women.”

As previously reported, Tara gave birth to her and Peter's third child, a son named Gunner Ethan, on Feb. 13. Amina, who's rumored to be pregnant with her and Peter's second child, previously terminated an earlier pregnancy because of the drama with her husband and his ex.

Earlier this month, Amina dished on her marriage and blamed Tara for causing problems in her and Peter's relationship.

“She’s the reason why we’re not together,” she told Vlad TV.

"It was really bad. So many conversations, so many fights and arguments," Amina said. "Emotionally, I was completely out of it … Ever since finding out she was pregnant, I’ve never really taken him back. I’ve tried to consider giving him chances again but I just never fully taken him back. That’s been the breaking point.”