Yandy Smith
“Love & Hip Hop: New York” star Yandy Smith confessed to lying following the VH1 reunion episode. VH1

Despite what she said during part two of the “Love & Hip Hop: New York” Season 7 reunion episode, Yandy Smith recently admitted to knowing who attacked Samantha Wallace during the VH1 special.

On Monday, Yandy posted two videos of past seasons to Instagram which showed her and Mendeecees relationship with Samantha prior to her becoming an official member of the cast. Although the videos shed some light on the past, it was Yandy’s comment to a fan that stood out.

Yandy, who responded to a few fans following the post, told one fan in particular that the two women who rushed the stage and attacked Samantha during the reunion were her sister and her friend. “You do the math. I don’t know how you grew up but I grew up different. Nope I don’t know nothing,” she wrote to the fan.

The comment was followed by a smiley face, peace sign and mouth zipped closed emoji. During the reunion, Yandy and Samantha got into a heated argument which resulted in Yandy getting up and attempting to hit Samantha.

Although security stepped in to separate the women, two audience members rushed the stage to attack Samantha and one managed to run behind Samantha and pulled her hair so hard she fell to the floor.

After things settled down, the women returned to the stage along with Erika DeShazo. While there Samantha asked Yandy if she knew who attacked, however, Yandy explained that she didn’t even know that someone else hit Samantha.

However, when producers went over the tapes, it was clear that Yandy saw what happened from the very beginning and even called one of Samantha’s attackers by name when the fight went down. Although she continuously denied that she knew the identities of the two women during the reunion, her latest Instagram comment seemingly proves otherwise.