Love And Hip Hop: New York
Cast members will be forced to face their relationship issues on “Love & Hip Hop: New York” Season 8, episode 6. VH1

“Love & Hip Hop: New York” never fails when it comes to the drama and Season 8, episode 6 will feature several over the top moments that die hard fans won’t want to miss. Not only will Sophia and Jaquae have a major fight, but it looks like Bianca may have finally crossed the line of no return with Yandy.

Before tuning into the latest episode of the VH1 series, here’s 4 viewers should know about “LHHNY” Season 8, episode 6.

1. Yandy Ends Her Relationship With Bianca

In the previous episode, there were several rumors floating around town that Bianca was talking about Yandy behind her back. This came as a shock to both women, seeing as Yandy has helped Bianca with her career and Bianca has denied that she has spoken poorly about her manager. However, it seems like the drama was just too much for Yandy. In the promo for “Love & Hip Hop: New York” Season 8, episode 6, Yandy can be seen telling Bianca that their business relationship is over. Now that the two are going their separate ways, there is no telling if their friendship can ever be repaired.

2. Rich Is Forced To Deal With Reality

After hooking up with Anais in the previous episode, Rich expresses his concern about his new love interest to DJ Self. Rich reveals that Anais is married with two children and he isn’t sure what to do. Rich is also forced to come to terms with his diabetes diagnosis, which has his mother worried that she may lose her son.

3. Remy Ma Tries To Help Lil Mo

After learning that Lil Mo’s husband, Karl, cheated on her, Remy invites the singer to come with her to an opening in North Carolina in order to get away from all the drama. However, from the looks of the promo, Lil Mo’s problems will follow her on her mini vacation, because Karl surprisingly shows up to the opening, much to her dismay.

4. Jaquae Confronts Sofia Over James R

After hearing from more than one source that Sophia has gone back to being a video vixen, Jaquae finally confronts his girlfriend. In a sneak peek, Sophia admits that she did take on a role as a video vixen, but insisted that she tried to talk to Jaquae about the role beforehand but he didn’t answer any of her calls. Sophia goes on to insist that she isn’t interested in James and wants to fix her relationship with Jaquae, but it doesn’t seem like he has figured out a way that she can make it up to him.

In the promo for the VH1 series, Sophia is seen meeting up with James, who gives her a dog and tells her Jaquae can’t take of her the way he can. However, it seems like the pup will cause a major argument between Sophia and Jaquae. In the video, Jaquae is seen telling Sophia to get out of his home and throwing her bags down the stairs. All the while, the model is trying to explain that she doesn’t want their romance to end. Are Jaquae and Sophia really over or will they be able to fix their relationship?

“Love & Hip Hop: New York” Season 8, episode 6 airs Monday at 8 p.m. EDT on VH1.