“Love Island” has quite a cast of sexy singles. The CBS reality series, based on the hit U.K. show, sends contestants to a villa in Fiji where they must couple up to avoid elimination as they work towards a cash prize.

The cast starts off with 11 Islanders, but expect more to arrive as the series goes on. “Love Island” will shake things up by eliminating and adding new cast members throughout the season, which airs every weeknight. Below is the premiere episode cast:

Alana Morrison, 21, is a college student from New Haven, Connecticut who has never had a boyfriend. She’s looking for the guy that is funny and goofy, and her celebrity crush is Odell Beckham Jr.

Mallory Santic, 25, is a Nike analyst from Vancouver, Washington, and she is looking for a partner who is motivated, independent, fun, wild and spontaneous. She is not looking for a loud chewer, which is her biggest pet peeve.

Caroline “Caro” Viehweg, 21, is a Los Angeles-based marketing student. She is looking for a guy that is spiritual, loving, friendly, funny and authentic. Her celebrity crush is The Rock because he is sexy, strong, powerful and hardworking.

Alexandra Stewart, 25, is a Los Angeles publicist looking someone romantic, compassionate and supportive. She’d also like a guy who is tall, like her celeb crush Liam Hemsworth.

Elizabeth Weber, 24, is an advertising executive in New York City. She loves traveling, mystery movies, beach volleyball and rollerblading. Her celebrity crush is Shawn Mendes.

Kyra Green, 22, is a Los Angeles musician whose celeb crush is Johnny Depp. She is looking for that special somebody with a skater, artistic vibe.

Michael Yi, 29, is a model from Miami who finds it difficult to describe his ideal woman, but he is sure he’ll know her when he sees her. Jennifer Garner is his celebrity crush.

Weston Richey, 25, is a Dallas-based photographer looking for someone beautiful on the inside and out, and a great smile will really win him over. He’s also good with his hands. He even built his own house.

Zac Mirabelli, 22, is a grocery store cashier from Chicago. He is looking for a trustworthy, supportive and goofy girl. He also wants someone who who brings out the best in him. His celeb crush is Rachel McAdams.

Yamen Sanders, 24, is a Los Angeles real estate agent whose friends consider him the life of the party and the best advice giver. His celebrity crush is Amber Rose.

Cashel Barnett, 27, is a model and musician from Sacramento, California. His ideal woman is someone funny, like his celebrity crush Tina Fey.

“Love Island” premieres on Tuesday at 8 p.m. EDT. It will air weeknights on CBS through Aug. 7.

Love Island US Cast
Pictured are members of the "Love Island" 2019 cast. Timothy Kuratek/CBS Entertainment