Fall Harvest is continuing on Hallmark Channel and bringing plenty of romance to fans with its latest film premiere, “Love Strikes Twice,” starring Katie Findlay, Wyatt Nash and Marshall Williams.

The movie will surely be a treat for Hallmark fans as it is mainly introducing them to the stars for the first time. While Williams, who first came to prominence as Spencer Porter on “Glee,” might be recognizable to fans for his roles in “Amazing Winter Romance,” and “When Hope Calls,” both Findlay and Nash are new faces to Hallmark—even if they aren’t new to each other.

While both starred in “The Bridge: Part 2,” Nash is best known for his roles as Kurt Fletcher on “Dear White People” and Charles Smith on “Riverdale.” As for Findlay, she may best be known for her roles as Rebecca Sutter on “How To Get Away With Murder” and Rose on “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist.”

What will fans get to look forward to in this story though? According to a synopsis, some big decisions will need to be made by the stars.

“Maggie (Findlay) and Josh (Nash) are a married couple who have gotten out of sync. When Maggie wishes for a do-over, she wakes up the next morning and inexplicably finds she was transported 15 years into the past,” the synopsis reads. “Once she shakes off her confusion and gest her bearings, Maggie sees this as a chance to find out what her life would’ve been if she had stayed with ex-boyfriend Rick (Williams).”

Of course, as Maggie tries to see which path she should take, she is left confused as she tries to figure out which path she is really meant to take.

“Revisiting the past with her present life experiences causes Maggie to see things—and people—in a new light,” the synopsis says. “Will her newfound perspective lead Maggie to choose Josh again or will Rick be her happily ever after?”

“Love Strikes Twice” premieres Saturday, Oct. 2 at 9 p.m. EDT on Hallmark Channel.

Love Strikes Twice Wyatt Nash & Katie Findlay star in “Love Strikes Twice.” Photo: Crown Media/Steven Ackerman