, the notorious warship of the infamous Lulzsec had broken down for a while this morning, after suffering from heavy DoS fire from unknown attackers.

The lone-wolf operator, also known as Jester claimed to have downed the LulzSec website for the lulz and exposed its shadowy leader 'Sabu', in a Twitter message on Friday.

Investigation pieces put together concludes the following,

Name(s): Xavier Kaotico, Xavier de Leon

Email: [redacted by the Guardian]

Age: 30 as of 06-21-2011

Location: Possibly New York City, NY (has lived there)


Profession: Independent IT consultant

Interests: Python programming, Linux, network security, exploit development

Lulzsecurity, which is protected by popular web security service Cloudflare, got wrecked after it posted confidential documents from Arizona police, hacking into the database of the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

On3iroi posts on his website, “I’m afraid I’m unable to post a mission statement at this time. I’d like to let the public know that phase one of OPERATION SUPERNOVA has been successful. is Tango down at this time. The

attack will stop by Midnight PST. Also, Cloudflare is not my target. Please don’t argue that lulzsec is up. Cloudflare creates a backup of the website. It’s doing its job. I want to make it bloody clear that Cloudflare isn’t my target.

That’s it for now. Love and peace.”

On3iroi has stressed on the fact that the test that pulled down the website momentarily was a DoS rather than a DDoS; this could mean that he acted alone from a single source.