LulzSec (Lulz Security) claims it has hacked Sony and made off with its data. Now, it’s just organizing that data so that it will be “published in multiple ways to ensure maximum embarrassment and exposure.”

LulzSec (Twitter @LulzSEc) made the threat on May 27.

“We're working on another Sony operation. We've condensed all our excited tweets into this one: this is the beginning of the end for Sony.”

On May 29, it said “Phrase 1” will begin the following day.

“#Sownage (Sony + Ownage) Phase 1 will begin within the next day. We may have a pre-game show for you folks though. Stay tuned.”

On May 31, it claimed to have successfully hacked Sony.

“Hey @Sony, you know we're making off with a bunch of your internal stuff right now and you haven't even noticed? Slow and steady, guys.”

On Thursday June 02, LulzSec said it was ready to publish Sony’s data.

“We're currently grouping together the things we've taken from @Sony and are arranging them in a way that everyone will easily understand.”

“Everything we have will be published in multiple ways to ensure maximum embarrassment and exposure for @Sony and their security flaws. :D”

“Hold your F5s for now, we're getting all this juice in one place. Blame @Sony for storing their data in a stupid fashion. Silly Sony!”

“Everything is in one place. We will be announcing an official release time soon.”

A Sony spokesperson said “We have been performing regular, thorough testing of the implemented security enhancements. After investigating further, there is no indication that the claim by [LulzSec] is accurate at the moment.”

The statement, emailed on June 02, 2011 12:41:13 AM ET, referred to LulzSec’s claim on May 31 that it was successfully hacking Sony.

LulzSec (Lulz Security) is a hacker group who gained notoriety for hacking PBS and publishing a bogus story of Tupac being alive. Previously, it also hacked, the FOX15 Twitter account, and Sony’s music website in Japan.

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