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The Lumenology portable LED motion sensor light makes it easy to provide light anywhere you are
The Lumenology portable LED motion sensor light makes it easy to provide light anywhere you are IBTimes/Bob Fekete

Who is the Lumenology Portable LED Motion Sensor Light For?

  • The Lumenology portable LED motion sensor light is a great way to easily provide extra light to any area
  • The included tripod legs allow the Lumenology light to be attached just about anywhere with no tools or hardware needed
  • The motion sensing capabilities of the Lumenology light make for easy security measures or light only when needed

Lumenology knows that light should be anywhere that is wanted or needed, which is why the company has released a portable LED light that can be set up just about anywhere in seconds. The light provides ample illumination, and can even serve as a quick and inexpensive security system thanks to its motion sensor.

Truly Portable

The most immediate impression for the Lumenology portable LED motion sensor light is that it is pretty compact. This allows for the light to be set up basically wherever you want it, especially with the included tripod legs.

The tripod legs can be screwed into the bottom of the Lumenology light and provide more than enough support to hold the light up, though you may need to move around the legs a bit to create a stable base. The legs can also be used to wrap around poles or other thin surfaces, allowing the light to be mounted on a railing or something similar. The legs offer great support, so when attached properly the light is in no danger of falling.


If you want a more permanent spot for the Lumenology light, there is also an included magnetic plate. This plate can be screwed into a surface, and attaches to the bottom of the light with pretty powerful magnets. While this option isn't as portable as the tripod legs, the light itself can be easily removed from the magnetic plate and the legs can still be attached. This is great if you have a more permanent spot you would like the light to stay, but still want to use it elsewhere as well.

The Lumenology light is fairly lightweight, allowing it to be tucked into a bag with ease. The tripod legs are also pretty lightweight, and can quickly be detached for easier storage. Additionally, the light does feature some waterproofing for splashes, which means the Lumenology light is probably safe in a light rain.

Bright Lights

The Lumenology portable LED motion sensor light can brighten up any dark area. This is thanks to its powerful LED bulb, which has been measured at 148 Lumens. With a light this bright, you can easily see whatever is around you.


The light can also be rotated 360 degrees inside its casing, allowing the light to point to whichever direction is wanted. The light is also pretty balanced, so once you point it in a direction it shouldn't accidentally slip into a different position.

The Lumenology bulb is a white LED bulb and is rated at 1,000 activations. That means it should be able to turn on at least 1,000 times before the bulb burns out. Unfortunately, the bulb in the Lumenology light cannot be replaced.

Double A Powered

In a world filled with rechargeable devices, it is a little disappointing to see the Lumenology light stick with traditional AA batteries. The light requires three batteries, which is also an annoying number considering most batteries are sold in packs of eight.


The one big advantage of using batteries, however, is that it helps with portability. Not having to worry about charging the light allows it to more easily be used where other electronics can't go, which is to say somewhere far away from an outlet. Additionally, if the batteries ever die out they can be quickly replaced to turn the light back on instead of having to wait for the light to recharge.

The Lumenology light is said to last for seven hours of straight light, which doesn't seem very long considering the light runs on three batteries. That said, this light isn't one that's designed to be a primary light source, so the light will likely not be running for long stretches of time in a single use.

Motion Catches Everything

The motion sensor built into the Lumenology light is pretty impressive, though it only really works in dark environments. The motion sensor has a 100 degree field of view with a range of 13 feet, which means it can pick up on almost all movement directly ahead and to the sides of the light. This motion sensor is pretty sensitive, so movements don't need to be that large to trigger the light.


To activate the motion sensor, switch the Lumenology light into the "Auto" position. When the motion sensor is triggered, the light turns on for 30 seconds. If the motion sensor catches more movement, the light will stay on. The light also has an "On" position to stay on continuously as well, which ignores the motion sensor completely.

Final Thoughts

The Lumenology portable LED motion sensor light is a very convenient way to fill a dark area with light. It can easily be attached to a pole, mounted with its magnetic plate, or simply stand on its own with the included tripod legs. The light provides ample amount of illumination, and the included motion sensor makes the Lumenology light a quick and easy security solution, or a convenient light option for a garage or shed where lights aren't needed all the time.

The use of batteries is a little disappointing to see, especially when the batteries only last for a reported seven hours. Additionally, the $40 price tag does seem a little high. However, the convenience and ease of use do make up for some of the Lumenology light's shortcomings.