Macaulay Culkin was spotted looking positively gaunt in New York
Macaulay Culkin was spotted looking positively gaunt in New York Reuters

Rampant rumors about actor Macaulay Culkin's addiction to heroin, has gotten his estranged father, Kit, on the defense. The claims were first reported by the National Enquirer.

"I hope that he has the right people looking after him," Kit, who hasn't spoken to his son for the past 15 years, told the (UK) Sun. Macaulay reportedly fired him over control of his personal assets in 1997.

"Oh, gosh. Kit has seen the photo. But he can't talk about it. He just can't, because it hurts him too much. Of course he's worried, he's incredibly concerned," Culkin's stepmother, Jeanette Krylowski, told the newspaper.

Her initial reaction to seeing the photo was: "'Oh no, this is not good. Either he's dying of some disease or he's heavily into drugs.'"

Culkin, 31, has denied the allegations, calling them "ridiculously fictitious."

Photographs of the apparently emaciated star walking the streets of New York City this past February hasn't helped his argument; although, TMZ and several other media outlets noted that Culkin looked healthier in more recent photos of him about town.

The rumors have run the gamut from the former child actor turned to heroin over his failed eight-year relationship with former flame, Mila Kunis, to reports his stepmother believes the death of his sister, Dakota, in a 2008 car crash, caused him to founder.

In 2004, Culkin was arrested for possession of marijuana and two controlled substances -- alprazolam and clonazepam.

Macaulay first broke onto the acting scene in the 90's American family comedy "Home Alone," which was later followed by the sequel "Home Alone 2: Lost In New York." He sealed his Hollywood status with movies like "Richie Rich," "Uncle Buck," "My Girl" -- as well as playing the rambunctious little boy in Michael Jackson's music video, "Black Or White."