Mackenzie Dance Moms
Mackenzie Ziegler has performed hundreds of routines on “Dance Moms.” Relive some of her best ones before her last episode airs. Pictured: Mackenzie with coach Abby Lee Miller in a scene from Season 3. Lifetime

Mackenzie Ziegler first graced the stage on “Dance Moms” at just 6 years of age. Five years later, the reality star is parting ways with the Lifetime show. But before the 11-year-old triple threat’s last episode airs on May 3, relive some of her best dances from the past six seasons.

“Bully” — Mackenzie most recently wowed competition judges and her teammates alike when she performed her first hip-hop solo in Season 6. The number earned her first-place overall in episode 16. Check out her busting a move in “Bully” below.

“Eat Chips” — One of Mackenzie’s most famous “Dance Moms” lines is from Season 1 when she revealed she’d rather “stay home and eat chips” then study dance. In Season 6, episode 2, Abby Lee Miller gave Mackenzie an acro solo inspired by her quote. In “Eat Chips,” Mackenzie dances across a sofa while wearing pajamas and of course, eating potato chips.

“Boom Boom” — International Business Times was able to witness Mackenzie perform her Season 5 solo (twice for production reasons) in October 2014 at In10sity Dance in Warren, New Jersey, and it was equally impressive in person as it showed on TV. Mackenzie earned first-place in the junior division for the jazzy acro number in episode 3.

“Out of My Mind” — After years of cutesy routines, Mackenzie showed her more sophisticated side in the Season 4 number. Watch her strut her stuff in a jazzy piece from episode 26.

“Amber Alert” — Mackenzie stole the show in this award-winning nationals routine playing an abducted little girl. After being dragged away from her sister against her will, Mackenzie’s character fights for her life in the Season 4, episode 31 group number, but dies at the end of the routine.

“It’s A Girl Party” — It would be a mistake not to mention Mackenzie’s accomplishments as her alter ego pop star Mack Z! Mackenzie not only danced on the Lifetime show, she also filmed her first music video for her 2014 single on the series. The video has over 28.7 million views on YouTube and counting.

“Lemonade” — One of Mackenzie’s most popular solos to date is “Lemonade” from Season 3, episode 4. She also performed the number during the show’s midseason reunion special in 2013.

“Run From Mother” — Mackenzie and her older sister Maddie Ziegler paired up for show-stopping lyrical duet in Season 3, episode 13. The title of their first dance together was hand-picked by Abby as a dig to their mom, Melissa Gisoni.

“Bigger Isn’t Better” — Mackenzie’s played the cutest ringmaster “Dance Moms” has ever seen in Season 2, episode 3 with this piece. As shown in the clip below, the acro number resulted in her walking away with an award for top junior petite soloist. The win made Abby question if she shouldn’t compare the young performer to Maddie.

“Circus, Circus” — Nia Frazier and Mackenzie have performed several duets together over the years but none are as adorable as their Season 2, episode 15 performance. Watch Mackenzie play a lion and Nia act as her tamer.

“Mousetrap” — Abby made Mackenzie dress up as a mouse for her acro number in Season 1, episode 4, but she still killed it. Watch her twist and twirl her way to a win all the while wearing ears and a tale.

Watch Mackenzie’s last episode of “Dance Moms” on Tuesday, May 3, at 9 p.m. EDT on Lifetime.