Apple recently released macOS Catalina – the latest major software update for the Mac, iMac, MacBook and MacBook Pro. The new version brings a slew of changes and adds new features for the best macOS experience to date.

Here are some of the biggest changes macOS Catalina brings to users:

  • Goodbye, iTunes

Catalina sees the departure of the long-running iTunes app, and the arrival of three apps designed to take its place: the new Music, TV and Podcasts apps. iTunes’s functionality is split into these three. Despite iTunes’s removal, users can still make iTunes Store purchases using these apps. Also, syncing or managing files on an iPhone or iPad using a Mac is now done via the Finder window.

  • Find My‌

Find My is a new app on the Mac. It’s an app that combines the Find My Mac and Find My Friends apps and can be used to locate missing Macs (and other Apple devices) using a crowdsourced but secure method. Users can use the new Find My app to locate lost or stolen Macs even if the device is offline.

  • ‌Catalyst: iPad‌ Apps for Mac

Catalyst is a set of tools designed to help app designers bring their iPad apps to the Mac, MacRumors noted. Catalyst will pave the way for fan-favorite iPad apps to be ported to the Mac.

  • Sidecar

‌Sidecar is a new feature that turns iPads into secondary displays and input devices. With this feature, iPads can be used to mirror the Mac’s desktop (perfect for sharing displays), extend the desktop (perfect for those who need more screen space), or be used as a graphic tablet (perfect for creatives). It doesn’t work will all iPad models, though. Check this article for more details.

  • Apple Watch Password Authentication

The Apple Watch can be used to authenticate passwords and approve app installations in macOS Catalina. With this feature, Apple Watch owners won’t need to type passwords anymore.

  • End Of Support for 32-Bit Apps

macOS Catalina doesn’t support 32-bit apps. Users who want to upgrade to Catalina are advised to check if their apps are 64-bit versions lest they encounter problems related to this.

  • No XML File support in Music App

Currently, the new Music app doesn’t have support for XML files, which means users who depend on XML files (such as DJs and other music professionals) are advised to hold off on updating until developers update their apps.

MacBook Pro
It appears that a new MacBook Pro model is coming soon. Apple