Over the course of seven seasons on “Mad Men,” TV department head Harry Crane, played by Rich Sommer, went from one of the show’s more sympathetic office lackeys to maybe the most unlikable character on the show not named Pete Campbell (Vincent Kartheiser). In Season 1, Crane left a meeting in tears, guilt stricken after cheating with a secretary, but by Season 7 he was propositioning Megan (Jessica Pare) in exchange for helping her find an agent. Through it all, Crane’s wife, Jennifer (Laura Regan), stood by her lousy husband, even if fans did not always see it.

Harry’s unlucky wife has a new show in the works. The actress will soon star in Fox’s "Minority Report,” a sequel series to the 2002 Steven Spielberg sci-fi movie. Regan recently spoke with International Business Times about her new show, also addressing the big “Mad Men” finale in May.

Though Regan’s character had not appeared on "Mad Men" since 2010’s “Christmas Comes But Once a Year,” she says she felt very much a part of the show until the end.

“I would sometimes hear back from the set or from friends that ‘Oh, Jennifer was mentioned today,’ " Regan told IBTimes. “There were so many times where Jennifer would not make it to the party because she had to take care of the kids or there were other things she had to do, and I was always bummed. I was like, ‘Jennifer needs to be there!' "

Regan even has a favorite moment from her character’s offscreen contributions over the show’s final seasons.

“After my character makes her last appearance, I think there was a time when Pete [Campbell] said to Harry [Crane], ‘Have you seen those pictures of the world from space? Doesn’t it make you feel so small and insignificant?’ And Harry says, ‘Oh, Jennifer does that.’ I always loved how [Jennifer] was kind of still alive.”

However, Regan says that if she had had her way, her character’s relationship with her husband would have gone down a little differently.

“The only thing I could think about [watching the show] was divorce! What did I ever see in him -- old, creepy Harry?”

Despite her on-screen husband’s regrettable downward spiral in likability, Regan says she has no regrets about her time on “Mad Men.”

“I loved it! It was such a great cast," said Regan. "Jon Hamm is one of the nicest guys in the world, let alone show business. So it was just fun to be a part of.”