Sunday night's "Mad Men" featured Don Draper going head to head against Pete, Joan and even clients.

Peggy gets a little closer to Ted. All of this leading up to a revelation by Ted and Don that will change the course of many of their careers.

Check out some of the best moments in GIFs from this episode animated and annotated below:

Don, barely able to cope with a client's wife incessantly talking about dogs, exclaims: "I love puppies!"

Megan Draper's mother is clearly fed up as well, resorting to speaking in French.

The overly eager new guy offers Ken and Pete coffee, and they decline.

The day after, Pete is furious at Don for losing the Jaguar account, but makes a bit of a misstep on his way to express his displeasure.


Joan calls out Don Draper for thinking only about himself and undoing all her work:
"Just once I'd like to hear you use the word 'we,' Because we're all rooting for you from the sidelines, hoping that you'll decide whatever you think is right for our lives."

Finally, Peggy and Ted share a kiss after Peggy calls him "strong."

What other "Mad Men" moments did you think were memorable? Let us know in the comments below.