“Mad Men” reached its halfway point on Sunday night, with Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce merging with Cutler Gleason & Chaough. Meanwhile, the rivalry between Ted and Don continues amid staff cuts. Check out some of the best moments, animated here.

1. Sterling takes pleasure in firing "redundant" staff, such as Burt, simply leaving him with "nobody fought for you."

2.Don "commands" Sylvia Rosen to stay in her room and not to answer the phone.

3. Draper continues his "commanding" attitude toward Sylvia, ordering her to take off her dress.

4. Draper and Chaough are nervous as they push through stormy clouds during take-off.

5.Moments later, Draper is still calming down, while Chaough throws on a pair of aviators like nothing happened.

6.Elevators close as Don stares at Sylvia getting off the elevator, signifying the end of their affair.

7. Don returns home to find out Bobby Kennedy was assassinated.

What other moments did you love from this episode of "Mad Men"? Let us know in the comments below.