Super Bowl 2012 was a memorable night. The New York Giants clenched the winning title for the second time against the New England Patriots, reclaiming the top spot they scored in 2008. Madonna performed a fantastic Super Bowl Halftime Show, defying age and reclaiming her title as Queen of Pop.

The 53-year-old superstar looked more like a 35-year-old dancing on stage at the Super Bowl Halftime Show in fish-net stockings and a mini skirt. Not only did she look fabulous -- with porcelain skin, flowing blonde locks and bright eyes -- but she also showed off some jaw-dropping moves. The yogi used her mastery of balance to perform intricate dance moves, jumps and lifts with her dance team.

She performed Vogue and Music before hopping on the shoulders of LMFAO to purr I'm sexy and I know it. She followed with her new song Give Me All Your Luvin, featuring Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. and finished with a rousing rendition of Like a Prayer with Cee-Lo Green and a background choir.

How does she do it?

Madonna formerly trained with celebrity fitness expert, Tracy Anderson. Anderson created a dancing-toning workout regimine to get Madonna's body rock-hard. The trainer would even accompany Madonna around the world when necessary. Though the two parted ways a few years ago, Anderson's work out has become one of the most popular exercise programs, with fans like Gwyneth Paltrow.

Madge's most recent trainer has been Sadie Lincoln, founder of barre3, a ballet-inspired exercise program that incorporates yoga, ballet and Pilates. Madonna is also a yoga aficionado and has been practicing the art for many years.

According to Fit Sugar, Madonna is a big fan of coconut water. The mother of two drank Vita Coconut every day while on her Sticky & Sweet tour, according to Fit Sugar. She even invested in the company. Coconut water is known as nature's sports drink because it replenishes the body with electrolytes and rehydrates after a strenuous workout.

For the Super Bowl, Madonna upped the ante with even more intense workouts. I have never worked so hard or been so scrupulous or detail-oriented or freaked out as much maintaining my sanity, she said about prepping for the show.

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