A man, who was eagerly waiting for a new phone he ordered online, was shocked to allegedly find chocolate bars wrapped in toilet roll in the package instead of the device.

Daniel Carroll from England was excited to get his new iPhone 13 Pro Max, for which he had spent $1,400, despite a two-week delivery delay, Times Now News reported.

When he was told by the customer service he could collect the package from his local DHL warehouse, Carroll did not think twice before turning up at the storage facility.

However, Carroll became suspicious when he noticed the tape on the package had been tampered with. When he opened the parcel after getting back home, he was taken aback to find two 120 g Cadbury Oreo White Chocolate bars wrapped neatly inside the toilet roll.

"When I got home I could tell the box had been tampered with as the tape was quite loose, but because I could feel some weight I just opened it. Inside there was cheap industrial toilet roll, which stunk, and two bars of Dairy Milk Oreo in there," he reportedly tweeted, along with pictures of the chocolate bars and toilet roll that he found inside the parcel. The tweets were not available on Twitter at the time of writing this story.

"It was meant to be for a Christmas present so it’s really disappointing," he added.

In another tweet, he wrote he received conflicting updates from DHL.

"At first, it said 'out for delivery', then scanned as 'delayed', then back to 'out for delivery between 13:45-14:45,'" he tweeted, adding he has asked the shipping company to check the CCTV footage in the warehouse.

DHL responded to him saying they have started an investigation into the incident and they have asked the sender to ship out a replacement phone to Carroll.

"We're investigating the case as a priority and we have been in touch with the sender to ensure a replacement gets to Mr Carroll," a spokesperson for DHL Parcel UK said, nine.com.au reported.

Carroll was yet to receive his iPhone 13 as of Saturday.

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