A Tennessee man allegedly pulled out a gun on a couple wearing “Make America Great Again” caps Saturday. The incident took place in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Bowling Green police responded to several calls of an incident at Sam's Club on Ken Bale Boulevard. James Phillips, 57, told officers he made an obscene gesture at the couple because they were wearing MAGA hats, after which the man got into a heated argument with Philip and also made the same gesture back. Phillips then pointed a gun at the man. He also told the woman in the MAGA hat that "it's a great day to die."

Terry Pierce, the man wearing the hat, said, he told Phillips either to “Put the gun down and fight me or pull the trigger. Whichever one you want.” He “put the gun down and walked away and that’s when I went after him,” Pierce said. He followed Phillips to the parking lot where the argument continued.

“He tried telling me I assaulted him and I said, ‘I never touched you,'” Pierce said.

"I have as much right to wear that hat and support my country and my president as he has not to,” Pierce added, Fox-affiliated television station WBKO reported.

Though CCTV footage didn’t show Phillips pulling out the gun, it did show him making gestures. Footage from the parking lot showed Pierce never touched Phillips.

Phillips was arrested after the incident and charged with first-degree wanton endangerment. The judge entered a not guilty plea for Phillips on Monday. He was booked at Warren County Regional Jail on a $10,000 bond and was scheduled to appear in court Friday.

A man holds a 'Make America Great Again' sign as supporters of President Donald Trump and his policies demonstrate during a 'Pittsburgh Not Paris' rally in support of his decision to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris Climate Accord during a rally in Lafayette Square next to the White House in Washington, D.C., June 3, 2017. SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

In a similar incident in July 2017, a teen was assaulted for wearing MAGA hat in San Antonio. Hunter Richard, 16, was at a Whataburger outlet with his friend when he was verbally attacked and assaulted. A video of the incident showed a man throwing his drink at the table and shouting racial slurs before leaving the place with the teen’s hat.

"I support my President and if you don’t let’s have a conversation about it instead of ripping my hat off. I just think a conversation about politics is more productive for the entire whole rather than taking my hat and yelling subjective words to me. I didn’t think it was going to generate the amount like what people are doing, I was looking at the comments by some people and 'they are like this is uncalled for' and other people are like mixed opinions but I didn’t think it would blow up to what it is now," Richard said.