Apple Watch
A man was arrested after a girl borrowed his Apple watch containing 1,500 images of child pornography. Getty Images

Police arrested an Oklahoma man after an 11-year-old girl reportedly borrowed his Apple watch and found it filled with child pornography, according to reports.

David Orozco was charged with possession and manufacturing child pornography and lewd acts with a child, according to a police report obtained by KFOR Wednesday.

The girl, a relative of the suspect, informed her mother who reported the incident to the police.

"An underage female, borrowed an iPhone watch from the suspect, not knowing there was child pornography on it," Bethany Police Lt. Angelo Orefice told the news outlet. "She was trying to text message and it came up."

Orozco loaned the girl his smartwatch and that’s when she discovered the device contained thousands of illegal images.

"We located over 1,500 images of child pornography and I think, approximately, it was 210 videos," said Lt. Orefice, according to WGNO.

Police said they located Orozco at his job and requested he come into the station to provide a statement.

Orozco claimed there were "likely more images of nude children still on his phone" and "he has looked at numerous images of nude children via the internet over the last year," according to the affidavit.

Police said that Orozco had been "manufacturing" child pornography with hidden cameras he used on underage children.

Some of the footage captured showed the suspect testing the equipment, according to the police report.

During the investigation, police learned that a 13-year-old girl had accused Orozco of sexual harassment.

Knowingly possessing 100 or more images of child pornography is a felony according to Oklahoma state law. Violators can see five years in prison and up to $5,000 in fines if convicted.

Manufacturing and distributing child porn is also a felony, carrying up to 10 years in prison and a maximum of $20,000 in fines.