A man carrying a knife came through the window of a coffee shop in Kent, Washington, early Tuesday and attempted to kidnap and rape a barista, police officials said.

The attacker came to the window of the Hottie Shots Espresso located at 21237, 84th Ave .S. around 4:45 a.m. PST (7:45 a.m. EST) and ordered a drink from the woman working at the coffee shop.

Madeline Guinto, 30, a resident of Bonney Lake, Washington said she started to get the order ready when the man climbed through the window, put a knife on her throat and led her to a dark alleyway near the coffee shop, where he tried to rape her.

Guinto fought the attacker in order to stall him for as long as she could, a Komo News report said.

She said, “I’m doing everything I can to stall him. ... I’m dragging my feet. I’m giving him dead body weight so it’s not easy for him to just walk me over into my death. And I was just like, 'oh my god why isn’t anyone pulling up.’”

The barista then said she tried to get the knife the attacker carried, while he was choking her, but it was out of her reach.

She said that the attacker suddenly became frightened, probably because a customer came near the coffee shop. He fled the scene, after which Guinto went back to the coffee shop and informed the police.

Fox News reported the man who allegedly attacked her was arrested courtesy of a viewer’s tip who saw the news on Washington’s “Most Wanted.”

A Facebook post gave information about the arrest, which mentioned the suspect was a 33-year-old man, and a resident of Kent with a long criminal history. The investigating officials didn’t release his name as he hadn’t been formally charged.

The probe against William Strampel was being led by the attorney general’s office. Pictured, a 33-year-old Washington resident was arrested on suspicion of attempting to kidnap and rape a coffee shop worker, Feb. 22, 2018. Pixabay

Detective Melanie Robinson thanked the people for the tip saying, “We want to thank everyone that called in and identified this violent offender; our streets are safer because of each of you.”

A statement released by Kent Police Department said, “During his attempt to sexually assault her, he was spooked by the vehicle headlights of a customer that pulled into the barista stand drive through.”

The police also stated they believed the suspect escaped from the crime scene in a black sedan that had white-colored rims.

The CCTV camera installed inside the coffee shop recorded the whole incident. The video was released by Kent police in hope that the people might help in identifying the suspect, the report said.

Police officials also stated Guinto was “shook up, but otherwise in good condition,” after she received medical treatment for the lacerations on her body.

Guinto said, “That’s relieving just to know he won’t ever get anyone again,” reported Komo News. “I’m kind of just glad it’s over.”

The report further stated Guinto took time off from her job and was recovering at home. She also planned to take self-defense classes.

Guinto said, “I’m trying so hard not to live in fear.”

She also added she didn’t want the incident to “destroy” her, but wanted other women to know her story.