Man Charged For Concealing Lyric McHenry’s Body
Police said Wednesday they charged a man for concealing reality star Lyric McHenry's body. In this image: A view of 'Handcuffs' by Ai Weiwei at the UNITAS 2nd annual gala against human trafficking at Capitale, New York City, Sept. 13, 2016. Getty Images/Gustavo Caballero

A man from Bronx, New York, was facing felony charges for helping dump the body of former reality star Lyric McHenry on a desolate sidewalk near the Major Deegan Expressway two months ago, police said early Wednesday.

They added Alexis Mejia-Ramirez, 29, and two other men carried the 26-year-old woman’s body to an empty stretch of sidewalk on Undercliff Ave. in Highbridge on Aug. 14 so that she wouldn’t be discovered.

Police found the body hours after her remains were dumped there. An autopsy revealed she died of an overdose — a result of a lethal cocktail of heroin, cocaine, and alcohol. Though Mejia-Ramirez was charged Oct. 15 for tampering with physical evidence and concealment of a human corpse, police never announced the arrest. A report on the New York Post said he was released Oct. 26 on $1,500 bail. It added he was due to appear in front of court Wednesday.

Lyric, whose father was Doug McHenry, a Hollywood producer behind the films “New Jack City” and “Jason’s Lyric” was an up-and-coming media star. Doug refrained from making a public statement on his daughter’s death and the court proceedings in relation to the concealment of her body till he has spoken with the New York Police Department.

She was wearing a pajama top and underwear, with a small ziplock bag of cocaine on her when her body was discovered. She was 20 weeks pregnant at the time of the incident.

On Aug. 25, police released a video of an unidentified man who, investigators believed, drove off with McHenry early Aug. 14 after a party at the Dream Downtown hotel in Chelsea, a report in the New York Daily News said. NYPD spokesman did not comment on whether Mejia-Ramirez was the person on the video, but said the other two men who helped move her body were still at large.

Reports said video surveillance from different locations, review of phone records, and interviews with witnesses were used to connect Mejia-Ramirez to the charges.

Lyric, who was featured on the E! Show EJNYC as EJ Johnson’s best friend, was a producer and aspiring screenwriter. She was a Stanford University graduate who worked for the Obama campaign during her high school years because of her passion for politics, a report in the Inquisitr said.

Before she was found on the sidewalk, she had flown to New York from Los Angeles to attend her birthday party, which was thrown by her sister Maya McHenry at the Dream Hotel in Manhattan on Aug. 13.

She vanished a little while after midnight and was found unconscious at a sidewalk early the next morning. She died a little while later.

“She partied like everybody else parties,” Maya told Daily Mail. “I think it was getting a little bit out of control, but that's just because we live in 2018 now.”

“I don't want this to be: black girl, drugs, something funky went on, what do you expect?” Doug, at the time, told the outlet adding her death “was something that could have happened to anyone's girl.”

Lyric’s ex-boyfriend, Charles Mwalimu, alleged she had a coke addiction.

“Especially when you have money and you go out all the time with people who do, some people keep that drug around more easily than others. After a while, it became a casual thing,” he said.

Lyric was laid to rest early September in private funeral.