A Connecticut man charged with killing his mother gave police a detailed confession Monday, stating that something possessed him to beat her and dispose of the body.

During his arraignment, 34-year-old Kyle Tucker of Hamden, Connecticut, told police that he was behind the death of Donna Tucker, 60, and that he was possessed when he killed her and placed the body in a fire pit, according to court documents obtained by the New Haven Register.

"[God] got into my body and walked me downstairs with my baseball bat and it was very quick and almost even hard to remember," Tucker told police. "I don’t really feel like it was totally my mind or body doing anything, it was [God] walking through me."

Tucker was charged with murder and tampering with evidence and is being held on bail for $5 million. His next court date is June 19.

Police arrested Tucker on Saturday after he confessed to killing his mother, which he claimed was in self-defense after she tried on several occasions to kill him. He alleged that Donna Tucker attempted to poison him and laced his bedding and food with parasites. However, there were no reports on record regarding those claims

Donna Tucker was reported missing on Friday by her sister, who became worried after communication stopped. Police on Saturday arrived at Donna Tucker’s residence where Kyle Tucker allowed officers to search the home where he lived with his mother. He first gave a false account regarding the whereabouts of his mother but later revealed the truth and admitted to killing her.

Kyle Tucker told police that he hit his mother in the head with a baseball bat while the two were in the kitchen around 5 a.m. He said she fell on her back and that’s when he proceeded to hit her again in the face, "very hard … to make sure she would die quickly."

Kyle Tucker then dragged his mother’s body from the kitchen to a fire pit before setting it on fire. He claims that after coming back from a trip to the gas station for more gasoline, he burned the baseball bat and the clothes he was wearing at the time for eight hours until it became "fine ash."

During a search and seizure of the residence, police found evidence of blood splatter on the ceiling and a coat of fresh paint on the walls and what appeared to be the smell of chemicals coming from the kitchen.

At least three incidents involving Hamden police showing Kyle Tucker’s had emotional disturbances between July 2015 and August 2017, according to the arrest warrant. His aunt and his nephew also have a record of hospitalizations for mental illness.

Crime scene
Police in Connecticut arrested a man after he admitted to killing his mother and disposing of the body. Police tape is pictured hanging near a home on Feb. 26, 2005 in Park City, Kansas. Larry W. Smith/Getty Images