A Florida man charged with sexual battery set his house on fire during a police raid Sunday. He attempted to dodge arrest, Pasco County Sheriff’s office said.

John Aquila, 33, from Port Richey has an extensive criminal history with the department dating back to 2006, police said.

"I've had heated words, every adult male who has a family has had heated words with this man. He's had the police called on him several times," neighbor Brent Sumner told Fox 13.

When deputies arrived at his home Sunday to make an arrest, the man tried to avert it by setting things on fire one by one inside his house. The fire then quickly spread and engulfed the entire house, police said.

Aquila, who also owns a shotgun, rushed from one room to the other and set things alight. A lady who lives behind his house apparently spotted him in his act.

"I know he's got a pistol, I know he's got a shotgun. I'm just waiting. Finally, he set the house on fire. There's a lady who came over to talk to us who lives behind him, and she could look through his back window and physically watch this man go through each room and light each one on fire," Sumner said.

Police said they finally pulled Aquila outside through a window, arrested him and took him to jail.

Sumner said jail is the place “where he deserves to be."

Firefighters responded to the scene right after the arrest to extinguish the flames.

Representational image of a handcuff. Pixabay