Ohio State University and Penn State are just two of the schools across the country that have grappled with sexual misconduct by faculty. And UCLA can now be added to that list after the discovery of a school doctor against students.

The doctor in question is Dr. James Heaps, an obstetrician-gynecologist who had been working at UCLA part-time since 1983.

Allegations against Heaps first came out in 2018 when two patients came forward in 2018. The unnamed pair had been treated by Heaps while he was working at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, where Heaps had privileges as part of the staff. When UCLA learned of the allegations, Heap was fired and had all privileges revoked while the school launched an investigation into his activities. He was also reported to the Medical Board of California and law enforcement.

Authorities began their own investigations into Heap and the allegations against him, which reportedly occurred in June 2017 and February 2018. While the police and prosecutors haven’t fully revealed what was found, it was enough for an arrest warrant against Heaps for two counts of sexual battery and one of sexual exploitation.

Heaps ended up turning himself in to authorities on Monday.

“The review is examining UCLA’s response to such conduct and whether our policies and procedures to prevent, identify and address sexual misconduct are consistent with best practices and reflect the high standard of patient care we demand of ourselves,” UCLA said in a statement issued to press.

Heaps is currently in custody and awaiting a scheduled arraignment on Monday.

UCLA An undated photo of the University of California, Los Angeles.