A South Carolina man is facing jail time after reportedly assaulting a wheelchair-bound woman over the last piece of chicken.

Clifford Smith, 44, was at a dinner with a group when the incident occurred. News One reports that an unidentified woman took the last piece of chicken and started to eat it, which angered Smith.

Smith apparently wanted the chicken for himself and yelled at the woman before he hit her. Police said that he smashed a beer bottle against a wall before choking the victim. She was not able to defend herself from the attack but managed to call 911 from her cellphone. Smith grabbed the phone, however, and smashed it, shocking onlookers.

Once authorities arrived, Smith was placed under arrest and now faces charges of assault and vandalism.

This is not the first time food has been the motive for a violent encounter.

In December, a Florida man allegedly killed his roommate during an argument over a pork chop.

Thomas Hahn, 55, of Holly Hill, Fla., allegedly got into an argument with 35-year-old roommate Robert Eugene Gray Jr. over how to prepare pork chops and then shot him three times with a rifle, police told the Orlando Sentinel.

One of the other roommates called 911 and told a dispatcher that Gray was shot in the head.

Hahn was sitting in a chair near the dead body when police arrived.

"This appears to be a senseless act of violence stemming from a minor domestic dispute between roommates," Holly Hill Police Chief Mark Barker told the Sentinel. "There is no clear answer at this hour as to why Hahn acted with such extreme violence."

Hahn faces second-degree murder charges.

Police said alcohol played a role in the shooting.