Time Traveler Warns Of Aliens
A Wyoming man claiming to be from the year 2048 warned of an extraterrestrial invasion this week. In this photo, a visitor looks at a model depicting the 1947 Alien Autopsy in Roswell, New Mexico. TOSHIFUMI KITAMURA/AFP/Getty Images

A Wyoming man claiming to be from the year 2048 warned of an extraterrestrial invasion this week and demanded to speak with local government officials. Bryant Johnson, who was later arrested, claimed the aliens would arrive sometime next year.

Casper Police were called to a local residence Monday after Johnson alleged he had time traveled to the present day — though he told authorities he’d intended to travel to 2018. According to an arrest report obtained by the Huffington Post, Johnson told officials that “the aliens were coming next year and we needed to make sure to leave as fast as possible.”

Johnson told police that aliens filled his body with alcohol, thereby enabling him to travel through time. A “giant pad” was reportedly used to transport him from the future to the present day. Upon his ostensible arrival, Johnson refused to speak with medical personnel and instead demanded to meet with “the president” of the town.

While it doesn’t appear law enforcement believe Johnson’s claims hold water, commenters had plenty to say on Facebook.

“I hate that when I get so s***-faced that I can't navigate the space-time continuum,” wrote user Sven Yaksman.

“He didn’t get the car up to 88 mph now he is stuck here in that wonderful caution orange jumpsuit,” wrote Pam Nebel, referencing sci-fi cult film “Back to the Future.”

K2 Radio reported that at the time of the incident, which occurred around 10:30 p.m, Johnson also had “watery bloodshot eyes” and police reportedly smelled alcohol. The report said he had slurred speech and a blood alcohol content of .136 percent. He was arrested for public intoxication.