• A Florida man has been found dead inside an alligator
  • He overdosed on methamphetamines before the alligator found him and started eating him
  • The FWC managed to capture and kill the alligator though post mortem shows it found the man when it was already dead


A man in Florida has been found dead inside an alligator after what was speculated as a gruesome mauling.

The incident occurred on June 27.

Michael Ford, 45, was already dead by the time the alligator found him lying face down in a canal in Fort Meade, Polk County, 60 miles east of Tampa.

It is suspected the man overdosed on methamphetamines, and the alligator made quick work of his body.

A witness had reported seeing an alligator with what looked like a man’s body part in its mouth to the authorities.

Stephen Nelson, The District Medical Examiner, said any investigation into the man’s death was being looked at as accidental, meaning that perhaps there was no foul play.

The District Medical Examiner’s report also took note of the visceral amputations done by the alligator, but due to the lack of associated blood that would indicate the victim was still alive at the moment of amputation, the examiner concluded that Ford was most likely dead by the time the alligator got to him.

In the autopsy report given, it is stated that Ford’s injuries are clearly postmortem as the evaluation of the body showed that the deceased was already dead when the alligator amputated the arm and foot of the deceased.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, in its report, reiterated the fact the alligator only came across Ford’s body after the man had expired, and the alligator had not killed Ford.

The FWC managed to capture and kill the alligator, and further investigation into the reptile’s stomach revealed the man’s hand and foot.

The alligator, which was a fully grown adult, was said to weigh in at around 450 pounds and was 12 feet long.

Ford appeared to have been dead and naked when the alligator came calling as a search for the man’s clothes in the vicinity turned up nothing.

His car was found near the vicinity.

Ford’s family and friends spoke to investigators and told them that the last sighting they had of Ford was on June 23, so they had not seen him for at least five days until he was discovered inside the alligator.

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