A man in Guyana went on a stabbing spree Sunday night, killing two and injuring three people. Police later found him at his home watching television while eating something.

The accused, identified as 49-year-old Vernand Ragadoo, was drinking at a neighbor's home when he saw his brother, Randolph Richmond, and his wife, Sukamattie Richmond, having an argument on the roadside. Soon, a crowd, including Sukamattie's sons — 25-year-old Surendra Raghunandan and 23-year-old Mahendra Ramotar, surrounded them and tried to calm them down.

Annoyed by the noise and commotion, the accused stepped out of the home with a knife and confronted them before going on a stabbing spree.

Raghunandan and Ramotar were rushed to the hospital with multiple stab wounds but they were pronounced dead on arrival by the doctors. Sukamattie, Randolph and another person were injured in the incident. All three were discharged from the hospital after treatment.

When the police arrived at the accused's home to arrest him, they found him watching television and eating food. The accused did not put up a resistance and was arrested the same night. The murder weapon was also recovered from the home.

Raghunandan was described by his employer as a hard-working man. Lekka Rambridge said the victim had been working with him for the past seven years.

"I have known him for seven years. He was such a very good person and he was a very dedicated worker," Rambridge said.

The incident comes months after a teen stabbed six people in Guyana and then attempted to kill himself. The 15-year-old first stabbed 55-year-old Ramdat Singh multiple times before attacking the victim's two sisters. The accused then stabbed three children – aged 6, 3 and 1 – before fleeing the scene. While Singh died at the scene, the 3-year-old child succumbed to injuries at a hospital. Police later found the accused with a stab wound to his chest and a cut around his neck. The relation between the victims and the accused was not known.

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