A doctor in England has officially become the first person to finish the world's hottest curry, in the face of hallucinations it caused, the Daily Mail reported.

Consultant radiologist Ian Rothwell, 55, went to the Bindi restaurant in Grantham, Lincolnshire, on a quest to conquer “The Widower” curry. The dish that took him more than an hour to eat comes in at 6 million units on the Scoville Scale of hotness -- hotter than drinking anti-riot tear gas.

That’s because the curry is reportedly filled with 20 Naga Infinity Chillis. They are the second-hottest chilis known to man and so potent that chefs must wear goggles and gloves while preparing them.

Even though 300 people have tried to take on the challenge at Bindi, Rothwell was the first to finish the curry on Thursday, the Daily Mail said.

The doctor added that finishing “The Widower” was harder than climbing Mount Kilimanjaro last year, even though he had to walk out of the restaurant halfway through when he began to suffer from hallucinations.

However, once his wife brought him back to the restaurant, Rothwell was able to swallow the last spicy bite while fighting off tears.

“I like hot curries and have at least one a week, but this was off the scale,” he told the news site. “It took me about an hour to eat it and I had to stop half way through and go out for a walk and some fresh air.

“My wife and the owner were quite worried and said I was hallucinating, but I managed to go back inside and finish the curry.”

Rothwell decided to try the challenge when his daughter Alice's boyfriend said he and his friends were unable to eat the curry at Bindi.

“I trained as a doctor in Leeds and later as a radiologist in Manchester, so as a student I got used to eating curries as they were cheap,” he said.

“This curry got hotter and hotter as I went on and it was a struggle to finish, but I was determined to succeed.

“The owner offered me a glass of milk to help with the hotness, but I decided to stick with beer and I think that helped.

“I had to take a short break and go for a walk as I felt really sweaty and the owner said I was hallucinating, but I think it was just the endorphins from all the chillis.”

Muhammed Karim, managing director and executive chef at the restaurant, talked to the Daily Mail about the doctor finishing the dish:

“Apart from spotting a few tears in his eyes, and the short period of hallucinating, he was cool and collected and seemed to cope very well.

“I have tried The Widower and it really is a killer.

“Even making it is a painful experience - despite wearing goggles and a protective face mask.

“Dr. Rothwell is a legend as far as I'm concerned.”