A Madera, California, man was arrested Monday after he killed his relative’s dog and dumped its body in the trash can.

The Madera Police Department said officers responded to a home Monday evening after receiving information about a pool of blood in the driveway. When the officers arrived at the scene, a resident, who had called the police, said when the family members came home they saw their relative, 27-year-old Ambrocio Hernandez, standing near their fence. However, they did not allow the man to enter the property because of his aggressive behavior.

The family said Hernandez was acting weird and left in his car as soon as he was told to leave. After the man left, the family noticed blood in the driveway and immediately contacted the police. The responding officers followed the blood trail to a nearby trash can and found the family dog, a six-month-old German shepherd/Labrador retriever mix named Linda, dead inside.

When the officers found Hernandez a while later, he had blood on his hand and shoes. He also had a hammer which he used to kill the dog.

"He used blunt force trauma, a hammer to beat the dog to death," police Chief Dino Lawson said, ABC 30 reported.

During interrogation, Hernandez admitted to the crime and said he killed the dog because the animal “wanted to play with him too much and was bugging him,” the Fresno Bee reported.

Hernandez also possessed methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia. He was taken into custody and charged with animal abuse and possession of drugs.

Kristen Gross with the Madera County Animal Shelter said, "It's heartbreaking...heartbreaking for the animal to have lost his life in such a violent way.”

Kay Rhoads, a member of the Friends of the Madera Animal Shelter, a non-profit organization, said the organization will reward people who report such crimes.

"We have a standing $1,000 reward for animal cruelty and a $500 reward for cockfighting in the county," Rhoads said.