A man was left amazed and nostalgic at the same time, after he received a postcard he had sent to his parents while on a holiday in Spain 28 years ago. Better late than never?

Jim Green, now 66, discovered the long lost letter while he was going through his mail earlier this month. On taking a closer look, the 66-year-old realized it was a postcard that he had sent his parents to inform them he had arrived safely for his holiday in Spain. Back then, he had assumed it got lost in mail since he did not hear back from his parents.

The letter dated September 12, 1991, read: "To mum and dad. Had a good flight over. Everything’s okay. Good hotel, weather etc. Weather has been vey hot. Hope cats are okay. Must close now, love Jim."

"I picked up the letter and my first thought was – who is in Benidorm? Then I looked at the date and realised it was 28 years late! I was amazed!” Green said. "Then I realised that I had written it to tell my parents I had arrived at Benidorm safely."

Green’s father passed away in 1997 while his mother died five years ago.

"My father would have probably said: 'Well that's just the post for you!'" he joked in a video.

Although the arrival of the postcard did overwhelm him, Green could not understand the delay. "I don’t know why it arrived after this length of time," he said. "Whether it got lost over here or whether it got lost over here, I don't know."

"It is difficult to speculate what may have happened to this item of mail, but it is likely that it was put into the postal system by someone recently," a spokesperson for Royal Mail said.

The postcard which has pictures of a sunny afternoon in Benidorm on the front is now placed on Green’s mantlepiece .

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