An Arizona woman was arrested after she was suspected of posting naked photos of her ex-boyfriend outside his children’s’ elementary school. In this photo, students enter their classroom in a primary school on the first day of the new school year in Quimper, western France, Sept. 4, 2017. Getty Images/ Fred Tanneau

An Arizona woman was arrested last week after she was suspected of posting naked photos of her ex-boyfriend outside his children’s’ elementary school. Deborah Britton, 55, faces one charge of harassment by communication and one count of unlawful distribution of images featuring nudity.

Investigators found her fingerprint on at least one flyer posted outside Hull Elementary School in Chander, Arizona. The flyer contained a nude photo of Britton’s former boyfriend. On Tuesday, Britton turned herself in, although she denied having put the pictures up, Sun-Sentinel reported.

The victim, whose name was not disclosed, originally lodged a complaint regarding the photos – which featured his face and body – in September. He told the authorities that Britton could be the only one who could have put up the pictures as she was the sole recipient of the snapshots. He also got a restraining order against the suspect.

Following the complaint, the police started an investigation into the flyers that were deliberately stuck inside a fence at the school, so as to make them visible to student or staff at the premises.

Meanwhile, Britton was arrested on an unrelated warrant Nov. 14. When police questioned her regarding the flyers during interrogation, she denied having posted them and said she could see no way the investigators would find any evidence linking the photos to her.

On Dec. 11, lab reports of the flyers found at least one of them bearing Britton’s fingerprint.

Sativa Rugg, one of the parents whose child studied at the Hull Elementary School, said she thought Britton should not have targeted children in her revenge plan.

“I couldn’t believe it," Rugg told ABC15. “I couldn’t understand why she would endanger students like that. If you have beef with an adult and you want to get back at him that’s one thing. To involve kids like that, I couldn’t even believe that, who thinks about that?"

A judge told Britton that posting the photos classified as a class-5 felony. She is due to appear in the court Jan. 2.