A Maryland man, accused of luring young women by posing as a Howard University student, was arrested Thursday. He was charged with sexually assaulting three victims, two of whom were the students of the university.

Prince George’s County police chief Henry Stawinski said 35-year-old Julian Everett lured two university students by using social media accounts unofficially affiliated with the university. He then met them around the university campus, got them intoxicated and took them to his home where he sexually assaulted the victims before driving them back to the university.

“He would use web of social media sites affiliated with but not sanctioned by Howard University and then he would cultivate relationships with those individuals. This would lead to a date. During the course of that date, he would offer them a beverage to drink, they would do so and then over the next few hours, they would experience periods of unconsciousness. It was during this time that we allege he transported them to a residence in Prince George’s County where he would carry out the sexual assaults,” Stawinski said, NBC Washington reported.

The first of the two assaults took place in August 2015 when Everett picked up and 18-year-old student from her dorm, gave her alcohol and took her to his home where he sexually assaulted her before driving her back. The second incident, which took place a year later, involved a 17-year-old freshman at Howard, whom he contacted through an unofficial Facebook group for incoming freshmen.

Police said the cases came to light in 2018 after they received an anonymous letter. Police said the accused posed as a younger person to prey on victims who not just belonged to the university. The investigation led police to a 2005 case involving Everett, where a 16-year-old told police that the accused sexually assaulted her at his home after intoxicating her and then assaulted her again in his car while dropping her back home. Investigators, however, did not pursue the case when it was first reported.

“We believe that he would pose as a university student, not just at Howard. He would pose as a younger person and he would cultivate these relationships through other social media sites,” Stawinski said, adding they feared there could be more victims, WTOP reported.

Everett was charged with second-degree rape and other related counts Thursday. Prince George’s County police has urged any person who may have experienced a sexual assault to contact 301-772-4915. The investigation was ongoing and the police was working with Howard University officials.