• Shooting occurred at a restaurant in Los Angeles
  • Man shot in the stomach after which the suspect was seen running out
  • The victim was taken to a hospital and was stable

A man was shot in the stomach after a fight broke out at a restaurant in Northridge, Los Angeles on Sunday evening.

Police officers who responded to the incident said the man was taken to a nearby hospital and was in a stable condition. Local reports said the victim was around 20 years old and had sustained a bullet wound in the abdomen region. No one else was injured.

Investigators said the prime suspect ran out of the club after the shooting. He was wearing a grey jacket and was reportedly around 20-35 years of age.

The victim’s identity was not revealed by the authorities. The investigation in the case was underway.

In a similar incident of gun violence, a shooter in Tarrant County, Texas, fatally shot two people with a shotgun in a church after taking communion in December. The suspect was gunned down by the armed parishioners in the church assisted by a guard from the security forces. The man was later identified as 43-year-old Keith Thomas Kinnunen. The shooter had reportedly disguised himself with a fake beard and a hat to avoid drawing attention before shooting the victims.

Crime Scene
Representation. Stacy Revere/Getty Images