• Lauren Griffiths was murdered at her home in Cardiff last year 
  • Her fiancé ordered a sandwich and drugs before calling the police
  • He also tried to set up a Netflix account on his mobile phone

A 23-year-old man in the United Kingdom has been found guilty of strangling his fiancee to death and then covering her body with plastic wrap. He also ate a Subway sandwich sitting next to her body.

Madog Rowlands, from Wrexham, had initially denied the charges filed against him but the Newport Crown Court recently found him guilty of murdering 21-year-old Lauren Griffiths at their home in Cardiff, BBC News reported. The incident happened on April 29 last year.

After strangling the woman "with his bare hands," Rowlands ordered takeaways from Subway and Dominos and waited for a day to call the emergency services, prosecutors told the court.

Prosecutor Michael Jones said the accused withdrew cash from his and Griffiths' bank accounts and went to a nearby shop after partially wrapping the woman's body in plastic. He then tried to set up a Netflix account on his mobile phone. He also sent a text message to a drug dealer asking for an ounce of weed and three bags of MDMA, the court heard.

Video footage showing Rowlands leaving the flat on the morning of April 29 to visit a T&A store was played as evidence in the court, Wales Online reported.

The prosecution said Rowlands had made a "to-do list" which included "get PS3 from other room, smoke more weed, put on music," just after he committed the crime.

Rowlands told the court that he couldn't remember making such notes and it was all "drug-induced nonsense." He said he ate the sandwich in the bedroom, next to her body because he "was still talking to her" about "the times we spent together." He then tried to kill himself as he was "consumed by self-hatred."

Rowlands claimed he committed the murder in self-defense when Griffiths tried to strangle him. He said had a disassociative personality disorder and he has to "grip her throat to release her hold" on his neck.

But, the jury dismissed the claim and delivered a unanimous guilty verdict. He will be sentenced on Jan. 8.

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