• “The Mandalorian” Season 2 will reveal Baby Yoda's backstory

  • Pedro Pascal knows “what” The Child really is

  • Many characters from “The Clone Wars” will appear on the show

Details about who Baby Yoda is and the backstory of the character will be revealed in “The Mandalorian” Season 2. Lead cast member Pedro Pascal, who plays the role of the gunfighter Din Djarin, shared some details about the TV series in a recent interview and revealed that he knows the story behind The Child.

The fans call the young character in the “Star Wars” live action series as Baby Yoda, but details about the character have not yet been revealed on the show. He is only referred to as The Child. In a recent interview with Tech Radar, Pascal said that he knows “what” the young character is.

Pascal was asked about his favorite fan theory about Baby Yoda. The actor said that he won’t share that in the interview because he knows what The Child is.

The Child is in a way central to the story, according to Pascal, even though it is mostly about Din Djarin. Although Pascal knows “what” this young character is, the producers have kept hidden details about The Child’s background even from him. So, the actor will find out about the character’s backstory in “The Mandalorian” Season 2, just as the fans will find out after watching.

Pascal said that keeping the history of The Child a secret works for him because he is a mysterious character for Din Djarin as well. One person who may know everything about Baby Yoda is producer Dave Filoni, who Pascal praised in the interview for his “incredible knowledge” about the “Star Wars” universe.

Multiple characters from “The Clone Wars” animation series will be featured on the show this year, and Pascal teased that the possibilities are “limitless.” There won’t be a film releasing from the franchise this year, and according to Screen Rant, the live-action series should help fill the gap for the fans.

One major character from the movies who will be appearing in “The Mandalorian” Season 2 is Boba Fett. The character got limited screen time in the original trilogy, but he established himself as a formidable anti-hero. According to Screen Rant, the live-action series is a chance for the producers to show the fans how formidable he really is.

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