A dispensary in San Francisco is set to open a private "membership only" pot lounge.
Different strains of marijuana for sale are displayed at a dispensary in Eugene, Oregon on March 22, 2016. ANDREW CABALLERO-REYNOLDS/AFP/Getty Images

If you’re in San Francisco with a medical marijuana card, you’ll soon be able to indulge in dispensary Harvest on Geary’s private pot lounge, but it’ll cost you.

The dispensary—which is considered the city’s first ever high-end pot “boutique” – will soon open the doors to “California’s only private cannabis consumption lounge” where smokers can chill in mid-century modern chairs and leather settes as they tune into the latest shows on luxury television sets or play chess, all while surrounded by tasteful art-deco wood paneling and fancy chandeliers, The Guardian reported Thursday. The lounge, which comes equipped with a concierge service, is set to open before September’s end and will cost members a monthly fee of a $100.

Marty Higgins, owner of Harvest on Geary, told the San Francisco Chronicle approved members would be required to adhere to “certain standards,” although he claimed that lounge would be “as inclusionary as possible.”

The private lounge comes following the successful run of San Francisco’s Hemp Center dispensary, what Harvest used to be before branching out into luxury marijuana goods and services. While Harvest’s new lounge has been receiving mixed reviews from critics, Higgins says the new salon is an idea former Hemp Center visitors approve of.

“We have former patients of the Hemp Center that love Harvest,” he said to The Guardian.

San Francisco is the only city in California that houses legal marijuana consumption lounges, and of the 25 states in which medical marijuana is legal (four states and three cities allow recreational marijuana use) it’s the only city in the U.S. where on-site smoking is allowed in dispensaries.

But with California voters predicted to vote “yes” in November on Proposition 64, a new measure to legalize recreational marijuana throughout the state, cannabis enthusiasts like Higgins are hoping for more marijuana clubs and lounges to pop up in dispensaries over time.