Santa is delivering more than just toys this holiday season.

So if you’ve been extra nice this year, you may find a little green in your stocking: marijuana.

Pot shops are reporting marijuana sales increase the week before Christmas, according to the marijuana-software firm Baker.  

What are the most popular items? Marijuana edibles like brownies or cookies, of course. Other items include vaporizers, pipes and other smoking accessories, Baker reported.

The company said the average purchase increased 21% in the states where it serves in medical and recreational stores, like Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon and Washington.

We’re not surprised to see there’s an increase in marijuana sales around Christmas. The biggest sales days of the year mostly come around the holidays like Thanksgiving. And we can’t forget 4/20, the most popular holiday for smokers.

"Holiday gift-giving is a perfect example of this once-taboo product making its way into the mainstream retail environment,” Baker’s CEO, Joel Milton told USA Today. “We have a feeling people will like cannabis gifts a lot more than a traditional … box of chocolates."

Native Roots, Colorado’s largest marijuana retailer, has seen a major increase in edible sales at its locations. The company has 17 locations, and those resorts attract a ton of tourists, said CEO Josh Ginsberg.

Native Roots stores are selling the “Stocking Puffer,” which includes a small amount of marijuana and some joints. The store is also selling the “Mary Cannabis,” which includes marijuana-infused candy.

If you’re still looking to buy a Christmas gift for the marijuana enthusiast in your life, make sure to check out our Christmas gift guide for stoners.