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  • Marilyn Manson's attorney Brian King vehemently denied all allegations against the musician
  • Manson's latest accuser decided to proceed anonymously due to fear of retribution from the musician's fans
  • Jane Doe's lawsuit lists both Interscope and Nothing Records as defendants

Marilyn Manson is accused in a new complaint of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl on a tour bus and then laughing and threatening the minor afterward.

The incident allegedly happened during the rock musician's 1995 tour promoting the release of his "Smells Like Children" album, according to the complaint filed under New York's Adult Survivors Act.

The Nassau County Supreme Court complaint is among several filed by women accusing the musician, born Brian Warner, of rape and sexual abuse, Law&Crime reported.

Warner's attorney Brian King vehemently denied the allegations.

"Brian Warner does not know this individual and has no recollection of ever having met her 28 years ago," King told Law&Crime in an email. "He certainly was never intimate with her. She has been shopping her fabricated tale to tabloids and on podcasts for more than two years. But even the most minimal amount of scrutiny reveals the obvious discrepancies in her ever-shifting stories as well as her extensive collusion with other false accusers."

The latest accuser, identified only as Jane Doe, stated in court papers that she decided to proceed anonymously due to fear of retribution from the fans of the accused.

Jane Doe said she attended an all-ages concert on Sept. 15, 1995, a few days after her 16th birthday. She said she and three other underage female fans waited to meet Warner and other band members after the show, the complaint said.

Jane Doe alleged that Warner invited "one of the other younger girls" and her onto the tour bus.

"While on the tour bus, Defendant Warner performed various acts of criminal sexual conduct upon the plaintiff, who was a virgin at the time, including but not limited to forced copulation and vaginal penetration," the complaint alleged. "One of the band members watched Defendant Warner sexually assault Plaintiff."

The accuser said in the complaint that she was "in pain, scared, upset, humiliated and confused."

"After he was done, Defendant Warner laughed at her," the lawsuit alleged.

Warner then allegedly told the then-teenager to "get the f— off of my bus" and threatened that he would kill her and her family if she told anyone about what happened, according to the complaint.

Warner's then-tour manager allegedly gave the accuser the singer's private 1-800 number to stay in touch with the band for future shows and performances. Jane Doe claimed that the manager also gave her a "secret, heavy metal-themed password."

She alleged that the now-54-year-old shock rocker also sexually assaulted her at a concert in New Orleans, Louisiana, on Dec. 9, 1995, and again years later, when she was 19.

Though the woman filed the lawsuit anonymously, her allegations matched the report of a woman who has spoken publicly in a podcast and in interviews for news articles for years, according to the outlet.

Warner's attorney, however, claimed that "inconsistencies" between the woman's lawsuit and public interviews will soon result in the complaint's dismissal.

"A few years ago, several other women disclosed abuse at the hands of the same person," the woman said in an affidavit. "I reached out to one of them directly and privately. I came to learn after that some of what I communicated was revealed to others and my identity came out. Soon after, I was surprised to be contacted by reporters who asked me about what happened to me. Looking back on that time, I was not ready for any public disclosure of the abuse as I was certainly not seeking any attention."

Jane Doe said the "massive amount of backlash" that swiftly followed left her "fearful for my safety."

Jane Doe's lawsuit lists both Interscope and Nothing Records as defendants, claiming that they "celebrated and promoted" Warner's "pedophilic obsessions and violent behaviors" for financial advantages.

Jane Doe alleges five counts, including sexual battery against Warner and intentional infliction of emotional distress for all defendants. The counts specific to the labels are negligence, negligent supervision and violation of New York general business law.

She has not said what she is seeking in damages.

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