A picture illustration shows a YouTube logo reflected in a person's eye on June 18, 2014. Reuters

The internet has officially lost its collective mind over Marina Joyce. The latest conspiracy theory about the YouTube star's strange behavior is that the Islamic State group has kidnapped her and/or is using her to target British youth.

Fans of Joyce, a 19-year-old makeup enthusiast who lives in London, raised alarm Tuesday when they picked up on a number of weird occurrences in her latest video, "Date Outfit Ideas." A 1,200-word post on justpasteit laid out their concerns: bruises on Joyce's arms, a weird piece of paper, her inability to stand up straight and an audio clip that sounds like a woman whispering "help me." Her followers thought maybe she'd been kidnapped, either by her boyfriend or her mom, and was trying to give secret signals to show viewers she was in danger.

People grew even more skeptical Wednesday when Joyce tweeted that fans could come meet her at Bethnal Green at 6:30 a.m. local time. The Express compared the mysterious event to that of Ali Sonboly, a teenager who killed nine people in Munich last week after using a hacked Facebook account to invite friends to McDonald's for free food.

Sonboly was reportedly not motivated by ISIS.

In any case, the #savemarinajoyce hashtag, trending since Tuesday, got even more popular as teens shared reports of shootings near Joyce's meetup location. Fellow YouTuber Alfie Deyes tweeted that followers should not attend the event — "I'd hate for anyone to be in danger," he wrote.

However, Joyce herself seemed confused about when the event was. On Twitter, she linked to a Facebook event called "Morning Gloryville ~ Summer of Love Party ~ Episode #37," a rave set for next Wednesday at the same time — 6:30 a.m. She later corrected herself.

Meanwhile, critics took to social media to debunk the admittedly tenuous ISIS connection.

Joyce, who some think might not be kidnapped but simply addicted to drugs or mentally ill, also hosted a live stream later Wednesday to show her followers she's safe and healthy — a fact local police have confirmed, Business Insider reported. But fans seized on that, as well, flooding Twitter with what they thought was evidence of a crime. Others simply made fun of themselves for being so fascinated by the case.

Stay calm and see for yourself: