Some people questioned the notoriety of fashion vlogger Marina Joyce after the hashtag #savemarinajoyce gained momentum Tuesday. Some feared for the safety of the British YouTuber after her latest video was apparently encrypted with calls for help.

Even though some fans think she was kidnapped and being abused, and others assumed she was on drugs, the fashion vlogger spoke out a day before the trend went viral. “This is very sweet guys but I’m okay seriously <3 I love you all so much #savemarinajoyce,” she wrote Monday.

She then shared a fun tweet about exercise that eventually changes into an extra-large pizza. After that, she shared a message of a family member who apparently asked what she was doing with her life. She responded, “It’s a surprise.”

But fans weren’t swayed. Some think there is something wrong with the blonde fashionista.

The video in question, “Date Outfit Ideas,” garnered nearly 300,000 views from her 600,000 YouTube subscribers. Fans became worried about the vlogger after she appeared to have bruises on her arms and had a faraway look in her eyes. Most suspicious of all was that it faintly like she said “help me” in the beginning of the clip.

In a thread on Lipstick Alley, one fan explained the theory that Joyce was possible being held hostage and controlled by an abusive boyfriend or kidnapper. “The change in her behavior was almost instant and sudden. Her normally bubbly and very assured and confident affectation has been replaced with a shy, stuttering, disassociated demeanor. Viewers have also noticed the consistently wide-eyed, various bruises pop up on spaces all over her body, which oddly enough are pretty prominently displayed in most of her recent video,” the blogger wrote. “This, people theorize, could be part of her secret efforts to ask her viewership for help without alerting the person who is controlling her.”

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