The duo behind the hugely successful movie Black Swan are ready with another script, XOXO, a facebook thriller, reported L.A.Times.

The script is written by Mark Heyman, who also wrote Black Swan and has Darren Aronofsky as producer. The film revolves round a boy and a girl who meet in the virtual world, but the story soon turns into an obsessive stalking relationship a la Fatal Attraction with elements of Catfish.

The story utilizes all digital media like online streaming and videos in an interactive fashion rather than in a flat linear way. Even the film title is suggestive of the social media sign-off symbols used by many.

According to a studio executive who saw the script, it is like an upscale genre story about relationships like the Black Swan, reports the newspaper.

Earlier it was reported that Heyman and Aronofsky were talking to studios about financing. The latest news is that Aronofsky will produce XOXO with the producer of Sideways.

Ever since Balck Swan became a Box Office hit, Heyman has gained popularuty. He was nominated for BAFTA and Writers Guild of America awards for the screenplay. Presently he is also writing a movie called Age of Rage for Marc Webb, about teenagers who fight a virus in an apocalyptic America. Another movie he is working on is called Machine Man, a Robocop inspired script about a titanium boosted man, it will be again directed by Aronofsky.