Actor Mark Wahlberg grew up in Dorchester, the same Boston neighborhood as Martin Richard, the 8-year-old boy who died in the Boston Marathon attack, so at the New York premiere of his new film "Pain and Gain” he took a moment to reflect on sorrow he felt for the tragedy that befell his beloved hometown on Monday.

"It's hard, we're dealing with real life. None of this sh** is important," Wahlberg candidly told CBS News at the premiere.

"We're dealing with real life and innocent people getting hurt. It's disgusting, man." Wahlberg said he wanted "to be a pro" at the premiere, but was finding it hard to stay professional at such a time. "It's horrible, man. I'm trying to be a pro and be out here doing my job. This stuff doesn't mean anything compared to what's happening in the real world," he said.

According to CBS, the 41-year-old star wasn’t even sure if all of his loved ones in Boston were OK at the time of the interview. "I spoke to my Mom. I really haven't spoken to anybody else. We obviously don't know what exactly happened. ... Our thoughts and our prayers go out to everybody. ... And that's all we can do right now," he said.

On Monday he took to Twitter to share his grief:

Much is unknown about the twin explosions at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, but the Obama administration is referring to the atrocity as an “act of terror.” The bombs killed three people and injured an estimated 183.

Check out the video below of Wahlberg talking about the tragedy in Boston:

His new movie "Pain and Gain" co-staring Dwayne Johnson will be premiering in theaters on April 26.