• Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg said he is excited about virtual and augmented reality
  • He said the future of VR and AR includes the use of holograms
  • Facebook is currently working on a sleek pair of AR glasses

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said he is “personally” excited about virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) in a recent interview and provided a glimpse into what the company could do with the technology in the future.

It's no secret that Facebook is interested in AR and VR. The company has released VR headsets via Oculus. Previous reports also indicated that the company is working on AR smart glasses and is racing to get ahead of the competition, namely Apple and Google. These things show the social media company's desire to become the best in VR/AR.

In a recent interview with YouTube personality Marques Brownlee, Zuckerberg said he sees holographic technology as a way to help people connect with each other in the future.


Brownlee, also known as tech reviewer MKBHD, said he normally gets asked about what the future of tech reviews looks like. He said that while he is able to produce high-quality videos that let viewers see the product as if it's in front of them, he tells people that VR could overtake videos in 10 years or so.

When he asked Zuckerberg if he's right about that, the Facebook CEO expressed his agreement and explained what he envisions.

“I would hope that ten years from now or five years from now, you know, people will have a relatively sleek pair of goggles that they can put on and basically transport into your studio where you are and instead of just holding up the phone in front of you like you just did, they could grab it, you could hand it to them and they can play with it and kind of experience that themselves.”

Zuckerberg went on to explain that this pair of “goggles” will be a “normal pair of glasses” that isn't “super thick” but is capable of lasting “all-day long but can project holograms into the world.”

He then gave the YouTuber a look at what could happen further down the road.

Facebook Smartglasses
Facebook is working on this pair of smartglasses. Facebook/USPTO

“Once we have really good, mature AR glasses, we won’t even necessarily need other kinds of screens anymore,” Zuckerberg said. “Things like TVs, tablets, all these things could just be digital holograms.”

“I think there is going to be a crazy amount of creativity that gets unlocked, and a lot of innovation, when a lot of stuff…can just get turned into an app that can be a hologram that you can give to someone. I think that’s going to be wild,” he continued.

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